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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see an answer to your question, contact Kota Video by emailing or you may reach Dakotah with Kota Video at (858)333-7006
What do you charge?

Pricing is tailored to specific projects and is near impossible to give in a simple one size fits all answer. Kota Video typically structures its' pricing on a half day or full day rate basis at $100/hr. Kota Video works with budgets of many sizes and can be flexible depending on how much work and equipment can be involved such as special effects, multiple videographers, etc.

Do you charge extra for equipment?

Kota Video prides itself in owning many different high-quality pieces of equipment such as professional 4K cameras, lenses, professional lighting fixtures, high-def sound equipment, and more. The cost of equipment is factored into the day rate of filming.

Do you help with pre-production and writing?

Director and Producer Dakotah Douglas has a long background of creative writing and storytelling. Kota Video prides itself in the ability to take a project from conception to delivery. Kota Video has a network of talented writers to assist in script writing when nessecary.

Do you take photos too?

Kota Video has the equipment and ability to take beautiful photos from headshots, to candid photos, to architecture.  

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